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Labour safety and fire protection are always considered importantly in business of all organizations, especially, in construction sides.

Recently, the country is going to a new century with changes in industrialization, modernization, and scale of construction and production has developed, it applies new technology with varied devices and machines; thus, a chance to cause labour accidents is going higher. Therefore, methods to prevent accidents and protect employees’ health are very necessary.

Aiming to instruct basic knowdelge about purposes, meanings, contents, and methods, we organize to train safety policy and fire protection to all employees, Management team of the construction site at Han Xuyen Viet Ltd. Company compiles “METHODS FOR SAFETY, SECURITY, AND HYGIENE ENVIRONMENT”, based on an insutrction of Department of Labour Safety, country’s regulations, and conditions of the on site construction.

Our guideline is : “SAFETY FIRST” .


II.1 Safety method in urgent cases:

- Only people who have trained in specialty and labour safety are allowed to use derricks.

- Cranes are allocated at the construction site, when using the cranes, all 04 stands must be used. Before using the cranses, it is a must to try a procedure of doing it: turn the crane, load and unload it, drag the cable, drop the cable and check the break system.

-Order of a controller has to be solid then the cranes can be used smoothly and interactively.

- Forbid strictly to fix the cranes when loading. When tie the cable to a sharp place, it is a must to have cushion, tie carefully by Ø1-3mm zinc string in order to avoid accidents.

- Forbid strictly people to be around the area of loading by cranes without protection.

        - Not allowed to carry a thing when it is stick with others.

        - Not allowed to turn the crane when carrying another, not allowed to install the crane in the high level of wind (more than level 5) or at nights, not allowed to cling on a thing when it is carrying by the crane

- The installer should stand stably, not allowed to stand on items that are not stable and waiting for being installed, not allowed to reach arms for getting things that still hanging, it is a must to wear safe belt.

- Just only remove the hook from the crane after anchoring, tie the items on the proper place

- Check regularly the items and anchor.

-Not allowed to let the crane work or move on the weak, newly-established surface, and near any holes, etc…or slope larger than permitted.

- Now allowed to hang items in the rest time.

- After finishing a shift or when there would be storm, it is a must to take back cranes and low it down minimum.


II.2 Safety methods when welding:

1.    When working, it is necessary to prepare protected tools (masks, welder’s goggles, protecting hats, gloves…)

2.    When welding, it needs to observe carefully to not affect other people.

3.    Outside of the machine and fuse need to connect well with the floor, avoid the electric accidents.

4.    All wires for welding need to be insulated properly, avoid a case of being covered or fired.

5.    When stop using the fuse, it is necessary to use dry gloves. Hands, clothes, shoes and gloves have to be dry.

6.    Electronic wires under street with transportation need to be buried at least 80cm or hang on top.

7.    When working, it needs to wear insulated shoes, avoid touching directly to corrugated iron sheets.

8.    When working at night, it is a must to have proper and enough lights.

9.    When cleaning clinker, it is a must to wear glasses to protect your eyes from accidents.


II.3 Labour safety procedure:

* General regulation: there will be a department of labour safety supervision, accodrindly to safety regulation in construction.

- At the office of construction executive board and staff dormitory, there will be a notice board about general regulations of labour safety.

- All staff working on site have studied about labour safety, regulations of construction sites, fire protection’s orders before working.

-There are clear and easy to see boards, regulations, and signages about labour safety.

- Should an accident happen, it is a must to inform the relating organization immediately, and solve it as soon as possible by available resources and conditions at the sites.

        a) Procedure of protection:

- Set an indirect security team to work closely with the security team of an investor in order to state regulations at the site and always check construction areas, hence, it helps prevent stealing and destroying issues.

- Working hours are strictly applied.

- Any bad behaviors or relations with crimes, Han Xuyen Viet company will ask to resign.

        b) Procedure of Labour safety:

- Safety for employees: we always pay much attention to methods of labour safety at construction sites, especially when working on high floors.

- All workers are trained and instructed about labour safety, also, they are well-equiped with protected tools such as: shoes, boots, hats, protection…

- There are proper lights on areas of working at night. Not allowed to work at dark places without lights

- Construction regulation board and warning signages at dangerous places and it restricts people.

- There must have fences to cover the construction site to separate safely the area from crowded areas with transportation.

- When working on high floor, it is a must to be careful and inform people for less moving around, not allowed to throw items, tools from above, must use a device to hand in.

- When working in a rainy season, it is necessary to cover items and compositions carefully, workers are not allowed to work under the rain, instead, they can be re-arranged to work in door.

- For dangerous electric tools, it needs to be careful, must have proper and complete tools, strictly forbidden to work without electricity supervisors. All machines need to be checked oils, petrols, before being used for work.

- Workers have to be careful while passing by traffic to avoid accidents.

        c) Han Xuyen Viet’s workers working on the site must have those following standards:

- Vietnamese citizen with adequate ages, according to government’s rules.

- No previous conviction.

- Have a proper health certificate that is good for working.

III - Methods of fire protection

- It is necessary to do the fire protection on the construction site. It is a must for every one on the site to follow and protect the regulations. We propose the procedure as follow:

- Install watering system separately from the site and steel tanks that contain petrol and oil, assure the methods of fire protection during working.

- It is a rule that not any things easily getting burnt are allowed to bring in the construction site, besides; it is a notice board of no fire at the place easily getting burnt, such as fuel containers, material warehouses…

- Entry and exit and internal of the site arranged conveniently for fire trucks if any cases happen.

- Warehouse is arranged neat, safe, and logical.

- Easily getting burnt materials such as coffa, wood, petrol, oil,… are reserved carefully and separately in a different warehouse. 

IV - Procedure of environmental sanitation

- Assure a good place to stay for workers, especially restrooms for workers at construction sites.

- Watering system has to be clean and neat, avoid leaking water on the floor, drainage ditches has to be installed properly as allowed.

- During working, items and materials must be in order, no mess is allowed.

- Working materials and transportation should have covers in order to not drop items or make dust which may affect the area.

- Protect water: in order to protect water, it is necessary to do:

- Operating devives are not allowed to be leaked oil to drop on the floor. Staff’s restrooms at the construction site must been under a self-destroying standard, water for staff usage and work needs to be under drainage ditches, avoid leaking on the site.

- Besides, trashes should be cleaned as the right place, it is necessary to encourage every one to have a civilized and polite life. There will be a fine for any cases that affacts to the others.

- All employees working on the site must have personal papers (ID card) when working on the construction site as we will register temporarily living at the local area. Employees will be trained about security on the site and nearby areas to make sure that not any case will disturb the daily life of any one. Workers are not allowed to be drunk in any ways when working or staying on the site.


V – Methods of fire protection in warehouse

- Use water ejection system, separate construction site and tanks, assure fire protection procedure during working (inclusive drawing).


VI - Procedure of warranty

- Organization commits to do warranty for each item of the construction accordingly to government’s regulations; it is started from the date putting the construction in use.

- We commit that within the warranty period, if any errors happen, no matter if they are minor or big, we will fix them as soon aspossible, and will not make them affect to the operation of investors.

- After the construction finishes, transition to hand on the construction in order to bring it in use will allocate supervisors to observe and check every item of the construction during the warranty time.

- During the warranty period, if the construction has any problems that may affect to the investor’s usage, we will take entire responsibilities to the investor and government laws.


VII - Conclusion

With the motto – construction’s quality and timeline is a rule to mearusre ability, and organization; it is the responsibilities of mechanics, reputation of the company. If you work with us, we guarantee to complete on time with the right expecetation in terms of the technical sphere.

Special thanks to you, whom has researched and considered our Company.                                                    




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