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Over 10 years building and developing, along with strengths in tube installing, industrial tanks and construction of steel composition, HAN XUYEN VIET PRODUCTION – TRADING – SERVICES LTD. COMPANY has marked its reputation on the market of installing tanks in Vietnam. The company receives thousands of good comments and appreciation on their work in petrol tank constructions all over the country by its investors, thanks to the high quality, security and timeline.


Construction, tube installation and petrol tank setting, new technology LPG sets difficulties and challenges for Han Xuyen Viet Company. However, thanks to its skillful staff, experienced managers in constructing and installing construction with new techniques and standards, the Company has acquired and applied successfully in the projects.


In construction, Han Xuyen Viet Company gives smart solutions, and innovative ideas such as: improvement in installing tank by automatically lifting system, welding tank by robot instead of handwork soldering iron.. Although these ideas are very important, which help shorten time, optimize materials, save costs, increase effectiveness, quality and assure labor security.


Also in these projects, standard API has been strictly applied in Han Xuyen Viet Company. This is an optimal method for Han Xuyen Viet Company to assure quality of projects in construction and installation.



Han Xuyen Viet company’s significant projects

Since 2006, the first project of Han Xuyen Viet Company was to install 02 LPG tanks for Industry Ltd. Company. Up to now, the Company has had constructed, installed a lot of small and big petrol tanks over the country as: LPG storage and petrol tanks in Viet Tri – Phu Tho for Hai Linh Ltd. Company, An Giang petrol transition warehouse, Afarm Power Station construction of composition processing and installing, and Ca Mau construction for Factory and Saigon fixing, shipbuilding, working on a project of installing tubes and tanks in Hai Ha -Thai Binh, Xoai Rap – Hiep Phuoc, Tien Giang petrol warehouse and lubricant warehouse Chevron in Hai Phong.


Viet Tri – Phu Tho LPG freezing storage by Han Xuyen Viet Company

Viet Tri – Phu Tho LPG storage by Han Xuyen Viet Company


During constructing, Han Xuyen Viet Company has effective coordination and proper control in manufacturing. Thus far, it always completes projects with excellent results, and make sure the projects are on time with high security and quality as much as investors’ expectation.


Xoai Rap – Tien Giang petrol tank project

Xoai Rap – Hiep Phuoc petrol tank project in Tien Giang Province



Brand confirmed

With dynamic and creative spirit, adding extraordinary efforts of the entire staff, all projects of Han Xuyen Viet Company are always satisfied investors and have got high appreciation.


Investors are very happy with the Company’s professionalism, creativeness and effectiveness. Despite of working in tough environment, uncomfortable weather, tiny space, even when working inside of the tank with the 45°C average, Han Xuyen Viet Company makes much effort to improve working places, coordinate labor effectively to work out the best for projects with highest skills and designs. This fact proves that Han Xuyen Viet Company’s project management skill is really professional, especially, the the welder and installer staff.


Tubing technology system

Petrol pipeline techonology system



LPG storage in Go Dau industrial Zone in Dong Nai province


With achievements in constructing petrol tanks, especially, many projects require strictly in new technology and skills, Han Xuyen Viet Company has been known as an international standard Company in installing petrol tanks and LPG. This is really meaningful, and proves the ability, prestige of the Company on the market. Also, it contributes greatly in ensuring security of national energy, boosting a level of the petrol industry on Vietnamese market.


Lift tanks by automatically system

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Perform under American standard API 650

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Tank welding entirely by RoBot

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