Processing and installing oil and gas tanks and industrial

With a team of engineers and workers have many years experience in manufacturing tank, pressure tank, all products manufactured by Han Xuyen Viet company according to international standards such as ASME, API650, BS , DIN, … always meet all technical requirements and is highly appreciated by the Owner.Read More »

Fabrication and installation of industrial pipeline systems

Han Xuyen Viet has many years of experience in executing technology systems of oil and gas, food and chemicals. Together with a team of professional, dynamic and creative design consultants, consultants, designing, installing and installing large and complex industrial pipelines with high precision. International standard.Read More »

Fabrication and manufacture of mechanical engineering

In addition to the construction of tanks, industrial pipes, Han Xuyen Viet Company also manufactures specialized machines to serve the company and also provide other units such as rolling machine, bending machine, pipe bending machine, hydraulic press machine ….Read More »

Trading in machinery and equipment, petroleum, Pccc

Over the years of development, Han Xuyen Viet has provided many kinds of machinery, equipment, oil and gas, fire protection equipment for many big projects in the country. With a solid foundation of technology, technology Han Xuyen Vietnam affirmed its brand and position for the Owner.Read More »