Install the tank by the reverse mounting method

Lift the Tank with automatic equipment

Han Xuyen Viet Company is known as a unit with many successes in processing and installing large capacity tanks. With a team of engineers and workers with many years of experience in the manufacture of tanks and pressure tanks, all products made by Han Xuyen Viet Company comply with international standards, meet all requirements are strict in terms of technical aspects and highly appreciated by customers.

In particular, Han Xuyen Viet Company owns a specialized lifting equipment system to ensure technical requirements as well as quality in tank construction. This equipment is imported from the United States by Han Xuyen Viet Company to serve the installation of tanks according to the reverse mounting method (this method is currently applied by a number of developed countries around the world, due to its safety. and ensure absolute technical requirements …) This set of equipment has made Han Xuyen Viet company brand at home and abroad.


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