Steel cutting with Plasma technology

Currently tank products are designed according to international standards, requiring very high technical requirements. Right from the processing stage, there must be absolute precision. Early realizing this, Han Xuyen Viet Company applied plasma cutting technology to cut steel instead of using the traditional cutting technology Oxy – Gas. Up to now, after more than 10 years of use and continuous improvement, Plasma technology is still one of the top choices for metal cutting of Han Xuyen Viet Company due to its efficiency, speed and ease.

1 / What is Plasma Technology?
Formed and developed from the plasma welding method in the 1960s, the plasma technology has truly become an efficient and popular method of sheet metal cutting since the 1980s.

Based on the principle of utilizing the high temperature and the large transmission speed of the gas, Plasma technology uses gases capable of conducting electricity when supplied with a large enough energy source. Extremely strong oxidation with a constant current from the ionization of gas atoms creates a plasma flow. This Plasma stream is directed to the Plasmatron tip to melt and blow the metal out of the cutting groove.

Currently, the air, nitrogen gas, oxygen gas, argon-hydrogen gas are four types of gases that can create plasma rays. Depending on the type of gas, there are plasma cutting forms corresponding to each metal cutting surface. However, compared to the other 3 gases, air is more widely used and popularized.

Besides the type of gas used when cutting, cutting speed, distance from the object to the plasma cutting head … also have a little influence on the quality of the cutting product. Therefore, to meet the increasing demands of the mechanical industry, Plasma technology has also gradually improved and improved efficiency with traditional plasma cutting and high resolution plasma cutting such as CNC plasma machine working fast. fast, accurate and extremely effective.

2 / Advantages of plasma metal cutting technology
Compared to two other mechanical processing technologies popular in the market today, Oxy-Gas and Laser, Plasma metal cutting technology has the following characteristics and advantages:

High working efficiency: Plasma cutting has small cutting gaps, less slag, less warping than Oxy-Gas cutting, at the same time, the ability to cut faster, especially when processing sheet metal with thickness below 50mm (compared to Oxy-Gas cutting) and sheet metal is 3mm thicker (compared to Laser cutting).

-Easy to use: Plasma cutting does not need to adjust the amount of gas or heat but is simple to manipulate, so it does not require skilled, high technician.

– Cost reduction, production cost reduction: Thanks to high working efficiency, fast cutting ability, costs decrease, profit increases. With metal plates less than 25mm thick, plasma cutting is more economical than cutting Oxy-Gas.

-Diversity of cutting metals: Iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper or other metals can be cut with Plasma technology.

Efficient, precise work: Automated high resolution plasma cutting can cut thick metal sheets with high precision and smooth, clean surface, no need for extra processing.


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